Delivering Sustainable Quality

Keeping safety front-of-mind

The health and safety of everyone involved with creating our homes and living in them is fundamental. We want to ensure that at every step of the way - from conception to completion and occupation - health and safety is at the forefront.

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Community engagement at Acorn Grove

Community engagement and feedback from local stakeholders help us to create good places to live that meet the needs of residents and the wider community.

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Skilling up the next generation

We can’t build quality homes for our customers without skilled people. Yet research shows that more people are leaving the construction industry than joining.

To prevent a future skills shortage we are expanding and strengthening our apprenticeship, management trainee and graduate programmes.

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Highlights For 2017

We have reduced our carbon emissions intensity by 38.7% since 2013, meeting our target a year ahead of schedule.


Our Annual Injury Incidence Rate for reportable injuries per 100,000 employees and contractors has reduced (2016: 211).


Our Annual Injury Incidence Rate for reportable injuries per 100,000 employees and contractors has reduced (2016: 211).


Almost one-fifth of our home completions were designated affordable.


We are included in a number of leading benchmarks and indices for sustainability.


View From The Top

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“We want to be a successful and, importantly, sustainable business for the long term. We achieve this by creating value for all our stakeholders; from our customers and the communities we work in, to our people, shareholders and society as a whole.”

Pete Redfern

Chief Executive

Our Approach

As a responsible homebuilder we aim to design and build our developments in the right way, so that they become thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities for generations to come.

What do we mean by sustainable business?

For us, it’s not about one-off projects or special initiatives but about the way we do business and the decisions that we make every day.

Integrated reporting

Sustainability is part of the way we work so it’s important that we report our progress in an integrated way through our Annual Report and Accounts, our Sustainability Report and our website.


We work with many different stakeholders as we run our business. We strive to be open and honest about how we work and to listen and respond to stakeholder views. This dialogue gives us access to new ideas and insights and helps us manage sustainability issues.

Our main stakeholders are:


We strive to be a customer-centric company, building our customers high-quality homes and providing the best service. We engage directly with customers at our developments and monitor their views through satisfaction surveys and post- occupancy research.


We engage with the local communities that we work with at every one of our schemes, from planning and throughout the build process. We believe that continuous engagement helps us create developments that reflect local needs and add value to the local areas.


We are proud of our people and their commitment to the business. We strive to employ the best talent and invest in their development. We aim to be the employer of choice in our industry and offer attractive remuneration and focus on employee engagement that helps us recruit and retain skilled employees.


Our suppliers play a major role in our business and we collaborate with them on many aspects of sustainability. We choose suppliers carefully, aiming to select partners who share our values and to work with them to achieve our goals.


We regularly engage with our shareholders and provide them with timely communications around environmental, social and governance issues, be that through our reporting, participation in industry benchmarks or investor meetings.

Local government

We engage with local government across the UK as part of the planning process for our developments. We place significant importance in engaging with local government as it helps us reflect local priorities in our plans.

Central government

We work with central government on issues connected to the UK housing and business agenda. And we use our industry expertise to give central government our views on proposed legislation and policy changes.

Experts and NGOs

We partner with NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and expert organisations in areas such as urban design, ecology and innovation to help us create sustainable communities across the UK.

Diversity In Housebuilding

Apprentice Assistant Site Manager Jone Da Cruz, who works at our Chobham Manor development, was named ‘Ambassador of the Year’ in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Apprenticeship Awards.

These awards recognise the role of local young people and employers in delivering the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and recognise more than 240 apprentices who have played key roles in the new chapter of the Park, helping transform the former Olympic Stadium into a world-class, multi-use venue.

“A broad range of opinions, backgrounds and experiences are always beneficial in business. So the more we can encourage and embrace diversity, the better.”

Ingrid Osborne, Divisional Managing Director, Central and East London is a member of our Group Management Team.

Case Studies


Developing our homes of the future

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New town boosts skills and economic development

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Using technology to improve customer service

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Keeping safety front-of-mind on site

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Promoting biodiversity in Scotland

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Making resource efficiency a priority

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Tackling the construction skills shortage

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Raising funds for our charity partners

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